Are you looking to improve your skills in the arena?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! Clout Gaming will be hosting training clinics twice a month to help give back to the Clash Royale community. Learn from top 100 leaderboard Clash Royale Players!

Clinics will include:

Constant friendly battles against highly skilled players where you can learn the style of different deck types. Instructors will aid players in recognizing misplays and how to properly avoid common mistakes such as: inefficient elixir management, troop placement, and knowing whether you are in the beat-down or control position at any given time in a battle.

Have questions? Ask away! Clout Gaming staff will provide in depth instruction to ensure you leave the clinic a better player, ready to move up the arena ranks!

There is no magical deck that will instantly improve your play but there are many factors that determine the deck you should pilot. Through countless hours of deck testing, the Clout Gaming Family will be able to provide detailed deck analysis and card suggestions based on your current levels.